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Twisted Worldview Colangs?

From:David Peterson <thatbluecat@...>
Date:Sunday, December 7, 2003, 20:46
I thought of something a couple days ago, so I wanted to ask.   Has anyone
created or heard of a conlang that was meant to represent a twisted worldview?
So, for example, a language that might be created by someone who thought that
everything bad that s/he did was someone else's fault.   Some words might be
as follows:

ala, V., "to be caused/forced to make a mistake": I ala = "I was
caused/forced to make a mistake (*I* certainly wasn't the one responsible)."

menu, V., "to put oneself in a position that (the direct object) had no
choice but to hurt such a one's feelings": You menu me = "You put yourself in such
a position that I couldn't do anything but hurt your feelings--what did you

You could think of any number of languages that take into account some sort
of a mentality that's not, well, usual.   The trick would be changing what is a
morphologically basic word vs. a morphologically complex verb.   This happens
all the time in real languages and conlangs where different things are
focused on (e.g., there's one word that describes the whole that a particular type
of rodent makes in Dyirbal), but it's not usually like the above.   I was just
wondering if anyone's ever done something like this.



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