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Alien Conlang

From:Dave Rutan <rutan3@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 27, 2007, 20:26
If you want to translate, say bits of the Bible into a conlang which
belongs to a non-human alien specie, how is it best to translate terms
such as 'earth', 'man', etc.

I did one, not the one below, and I used a translation of 'world' for
'earth'  For 'people' I used 'sentient beings'.  Is it best to translate
it as if it were their own, or as if a missionary showed up on their
world and gave them the Bible?

Seg, kaut Chai wee estfol ashhalsh estlorai edchai aifbesh edestshuig
venai, lif taifee estkerden lou Chai jarjathai aich emmaikom, ob emjaib
marwai aintaiv. (Jn 3:16 in Koplushian)


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