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[WAY OT] RE: Let me introduce myself

From:Shaul Vardi <vardi@...>
Date:Thursday, December 30, 2004, 8:58
I agree with all Barry's comments.  But I found one comment you made,
Maxime, particularly interesting:


> > - social conflicts (there is sometime a conflict about the > rights of > > minorities (french speakers, Amerindians, etc.) but it's never very > > big) > >
But wait a sec - you're talking about Quebec, not Canada as a whole. So how come French speakers are a minority? I always thought a clear majority of all those living in Quebec speak French, and a very quick (and non-scientific) Google search confirms this (perhaps around 80 percent). The fact that, even if subconsciously, you see yourself as a minority in your own ethnic homeland, or (alternatively) that you were actually thinking about all Canada despite your declaration that you see Quebec as your frame of reference may be part of the explanation as to why you felt the need to present the long piece lauding Quebec. Your comments remind me of a joke about Israelis, who are stereotypically thought to be quite nationalistic. An Israeli spent five minutes telling a European (or whatever) friend about all that was good about Israel - the people are cleverest in the world; the climate is the most pleasant; the landscapes are the most stunning; the education system is the most sophisticated; the army is the strongest and most cunning,,,,, and so on and so on. And he ended by saying "And we're also the most modest of people, we prefer to speak in understatements." When the European gently pointed out that his friend has just spent five minutes praising every aspect of life in Israel, the Israeli replied: "yes, that's still an understatement." Kabirr pax mix qytsut Great peace from Jerusalem