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Big Six Revisited... again :/

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Thursday, June 22, 2000, 11:46
I had to leave auxlang.  Not because of all the historical wrangling or
fanatical promotion of one's favorite IAL.  I just get too much e-mail (most
of it from conlang :P), and having to run through dozens of posts just makes
me tired.  It's the meds, mostly.

Anyway, I am rebuilding Big Six, my attempt at a global IAL, from the ground
up.  One of the most radical changes I made is in syllable structure.

All Big Six syllables must be CV, or CCV non-initially; the first consonant
in the latter must be a homophonous nasal (mp, mb, nt, nd etc.), 's', 'r',
'l' or diphthongal 'i' and 'u'.  No word may begin with more than one
consonant, and no sequences of more than two consonants may occur.  All
words must end in a vowel.  Also, the semivowels w and y may only be found
word-initially or between two vowels.

For the word 'computer' to conform to Big Six rules:
1) The sound of initial 'c' is [k].  The B6 word begins with 'k'. (k-)
2) The vowel 'o' is similar to [@], which is usually mapped to 'a'.  (ka-)
3) Since 'mp' is a legal sequence, Big Six retains it.  (kamp-)
4) English 'u' in this case has the value [ju].  Big Six does not write 'w'
or 'y' after consonants, so the next two letters are 'iu'.  (kampiu-)
5) After 't', a vocalic 'r' would be mapped to
'er', most likely.  It might be 'ar', but I'm leaning towards 'er'.
6) Finally, since a word cannot end in a consonant, the dummy vowel 'u' is
added as this word is a noun.  (If it were a verb, an 'i' would be added.)

The resulting Big Six word: _kampiuteru_.

Now let's try another word: Spain.

1) No word may begin with two consonants, so an 'i' is attached to the
beginning.  (Isp-)
2) The 'international' word for Spain is (E)Spania.  Add 'ani'.  (Ispani-)
3) Though theoretically a 'y' would be placed between 'i' and final 'a', it
is not necessary.  The [j] is implied; same goes for 'ua' or any u- vowel
sequence where 'w' is not written.  Therefore, the word ends in 'ia'.

The finished product: _Ispania_.

Other names of countries, people and modern international terms:

France: _Furansia_
Ireland: _Irlandia_
fax: _fakusu_
Pope John Paul II: _Papa Yohani-Paulu 2 [dua]_
Microsoft: _Maikurosofutu_
Washington: _Waxintonu_
Texas: _Tekusasu_
Mexico: _Mehiko_
Internet: _Internetu_
to download: _daunlodi_
strike: _isturaiku_

Somehow these words look Japanese to me.

Daniel A. Wier  ¶¦¬þ
Lufkin, Texas USA
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