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Re: Evolution of governments (was: Consistency in naming)

From:John Cowan <cowan@...>
Date:Saturday, November 15, 2003, 0:47
Costentin Cornomorus scripsit:

> > perhaps annually for a month or so. > > There is a curiously humorous (mis)reading of > that!
> I am sure that the Kemrese form of government and > its Senate come about through a long standing > tradition of Romanity and always having had a > Senate.
I think Andrew said that Owen Glendower is the Father of the Kemrese Senate. -- They do not preach John Cowan that their God will rouse them A little before the nuts work loose. They do not teach that His Pity allows them --Rudyard Kipling, to drop their job when they damn-well choose. "The Sons of Martha"


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