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From:Arthaey Angosii <arthaey@...>
Date:Thursday, January 2, 2003, 1:51
I'm still actively working on my main conlang, Asha'ille, but I got
sidetracked the other day by trying my own hand at an all-noun language.
I'm aware of the conlang AllNoun, but I left that his using the "noun"
act-of-reading was cheating.  ;) This is my first online posting of a
language, so let me know if anyone has technical problems with the PDF:

Rather than a relex of English, it is a "regram" :) of English -- the words
are all the same, but the grammar is changed so that each noun has to
function as all the missing parts of speech.  Thus, technically, there are
verbs and adjectives and everything else in this language (called Laoun,
rhymes with "noun"), but I'm willing to let it slide.  :)

I'm working on Laoun with a friend (this is his first foray into
constructing a language -- before this he'd only looked at what I've done
with Asha'ille).  It took a bit of debate before we decided to allow
English verb morphemes to be added to our nouns, which makes it even less
purely "all noun," but we felt that it was more true to the way English
speakers will verbify nouns -- "verbify" being a case in point, actually.  :)

We'd appreciate any feedback you guys have on Laoun!



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