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Re: OT: midi was OT: Dissertation online

From:James Worlton <jworlton@...>
Date:Friday, January 9, 2004, 2:10
Tristan McLeay wrote:
> On Thu, 8 Jan 2004, Gary Shannon wrote: > > >>Midi CAN be terrible! There's no doubt of that. But >>midi can be sublime as well, with the right equipment >>and taking care to create a real performace file, not >>just a mechanical note-by-note transcription. >> >>I use a Korg N5 synthesizer/keyboard which is not >>top-of-the-line, but has pretty darn good orchestral >>sounds. I also use Giga Studio sampling synthesizer >>which has incredible orchestral and solo instrument >>sounds. As for performance standards, I recently >>spent easily 3 months on my midi performance of the >>first movement of Beethoven's 6th. And that 3 months >>of work started AFTER I got all the notes entered. >>That's 3 months (evenings and weekends only) of >>performance dynamics work. THAT kind of midi can be >>wonderful. > > > My uncle has a MIDI-capable organ, and has a it connected to a computer > loaded up with recordings (split into start, middle and end) of the pipe > organ at (IIRC) St Anne's Cathedral in England. Apparently it's about 3 > gig of data, but the sound is absolutely impressive.
My dad, being an amateur organist for the last 35+ years, just bought an organ which uses all sampled sounds, as well as being MIDI capable. Unfortunately he is 1200 miles away... But I definitely plan on hooking into that when I get the chance. -- ============= James Worlton