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Re: WARNING: Virus Alert (and this one's for real)

From:Sylvia Sotomayor <sylvia1@...>
Date:Friday, May 5, 2000, 5:09
At 22:17 05/04/2000 +0200, you wrote:
>* <bjm10@...> [000504 22:13]: > > On Thu, 4 May 2000, Daniel A. Wier wrote: > > > > > But this is no mere IRC trojan horse -- this e-mail is dangerous. They > > > mentioned this virus just a while ago on the radio news. The subject > > > line is: "I love you". So no matter who sends this e-mail -- be it your > > > friend, family, lover or dog, DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY AND DO NOT OPEN IT. > > > > Or just don't use email readers that execute. Y'know, don't use ANYTHING > > written by Microsoft!!!! > > > > PINE FOREVER! > > PINE FOREVER! > > PINE FOREVER!!!!!!!!! > >Jeez, who'd wanna suck up to Washington U, like they're gods or >something... Not to mention the rfc's and idioms they don't follow! > >MUTT FOREVER! >MUTT FOREVER! >MUTT FOREVER!!!!!!!!! > >Maybe we should stop here :) (Elm do suck, let's agree to that)
Hey, I like elm. And vi. But mostly, I use Eudora on the PC. Sylvia -- Sylvia Sotomayor Kélen can be found at "In the beginning was the word. But by the time the second word was added to it, there was trouble. For with it came syntax..." John Simon, Paradigms Lost