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What happened to the CSUR? (< TECH: Unicode Private Use Area)

Date:Saturday, February 2, 2008, 13:44
> [] On Behalf Of Philip Newton
> What they could try is to get their script registered in the
> Unicode Registry ( ),
run by
> Michael Everson and, formerly, also by John Cowan; it's a
> of script ranges for conscripts, intended to avoid subrange
> > However, it's definitively non-normative, at least to the
extent that
> it's not endorsed by the Unicode Consortium, which means that
> can use ranges which clash with CSUR allocations -- it's just
> suggestion for people who want to use it to cooperate.
True, there's no enforcement. We'll just have to rely on mutual respect.
> Also, CSUR is (obviously to me) not a good choice for every
> conscript someone comes up with, since it'd fill up pretty
quickly if
> every neography out there were registered. Only scripts with
some use
> -- preferably for interchange, rather than only for their
> private use -- should IMO start an attempt to be registered
there. I see no real problem with other scripts using this space. Even if they overlap, it will still let us know which scripts are operating in conflict with others. I only wish I knew how to get in touch with them. I e-mailed them months ago with the Deini script (ED00-ED1F) but apparently nobody's bothing to maintain the site any more. [page 6] Omniglot was very quick to post it to their site, but they just document the scripts and aren't making any attempt to "register" anything, or "reserve" codepoints. What I'd really like to do is create language packs for different OS's too. I already have a Windows keyboard driver.


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