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Mangani language

From:Peter Coogan <cooganwold@...>
Date:Monday, September 19, 2005, 20:12

I just joined the list.  I've done some work on Edgar
Rice Burroughs' mangani language (the mangani are the
great apes who raised Tarzan). I've put together a

I'd like to take it further, but I'm not a linguist
(my academic work is in American Studies, specifically
comics), and I found out about this list and thought I
would join for a bit.  From reading the messages, I
don't think I'm as involved in working on the mangani
dictionary and language as most of you are with your
projects, so the chances are that I won't be posting
much.  But I thought I'd peek into the constructed
languages community to see what sort of work is being
done and to see if anyone was interested in my work on
the mangani language.

I tried to translate the bit from Dune about the mind
killer into mangani, but there's no word for mind (and
there probably wouldn't be the concept of mind among
the mangani any way).


Pete Coogan (in most lists, I'm the only Pete, so I
just sign off with Pete, but there's already a claim
to Pete on this list, so I'll just use my whole name).


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