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Question about pharyngealized consonants?

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Sunday, November 5, 2000, 4:43
Did some more work on Quaelits just now. I was still lamenting over what
to do with the "geminates" of Proto-North Caucasian, which occur
initially as well as medially.

Then I came up with an idea. The "geminates" will be pharyngealized.
Since stops and affricates are voiced/voiceless/ejective, I could map the
laryngeal components to the six laryngeals (three pharyngeals, three
glottals) and have a sextuple system -- I'll give examples for velars:

"lenis":  k'  k   g
"fortis": k~' k~  g~

For fricatives, there are four, and I'll give alveolar sibilants here:

"lenis":  s   z
"fortis": s~  z~

Here are the six laryngeals of Q:

glottal:    h\  h   ?  (h\ = IPA h curved top, the voiced [h])
pharyngeal: ?-  h-  ?\ (?\ = reversed ?, the voiced [h-])

One can also use the terms "tense" and "lax"; a lot easier to say than
"geminate" and "ungeminate".

This gives this elven language a whole new level of "gutturality".
Fortunately words are pretty easy in terms of C/V structure; lexical
roots are mainly CVCV, CVCCV, CVCVCCV, etc.

Any natlang examples of this?

Also, I also changed the accent to a non-phonemic tendency to stress the
penultimate syllable, or maybe the initial (primary stress) with
secondary stress on the penultimate...

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