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Proposing in Esperanto

From:Josh Brandt-Young <vionau@...>
Date:Saturday, September 21, 2002, 3:43
To the E-o speakers on the list:

Is there some kind of official formula for "popping the question" in
Esperanto? I've been rereading Jordan's "Being Colloquial..." book, and it
occurs to me that I haven't seen something equating to the volition involved
in "Will you marry me?" It seems that the future tense would be too remote,
whereas using "cxu vi volas..." lacks a certain elegance.

Not that my girlfriend would *understand* if I said anything to her in
Esperanto besides "Kio estas tio?", but nevertheless...:)


Josh Brandt-Young <vionau@...>
"After the tempest I behold, once more, the weasel."
(Mispronunciation of Ancient Greek)