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Tirelat vocabulary: equatorial countries of the world

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Saturday, September 21, 2002, 3:43
Here's a first pass of the countries of the world in Tirelat, with their
capitals and largest cities, along with other familiar cities (e.g.,
Chicago, Alexandria, Bombay). I'll begin with the countries that touch the
equator, and progress northward and southward from there. Information is
from the 1999 edition of AAA World Atlas; corrections, updates,
pronunciation hints, or general comments would be appreciated.

Notes: /vor/ is "region" (or in this case "country", "-land"); /lhat/ is
"language", /zhu/ is "and", /moki/ is "west", /niilhi/ is "east".

Ecuador /ekvador/
Capital: Quito /kito/
Largest city: Guayaquil /gvajakil/
Languages: Spanish /spanjalhat/, Quechua /ketsvalhat/

Colombia /kolombja/
Capital and largest city: Bogotá /bogotaa/
Second largest city: Medellín /medejin/
Languages: Spanish /spanjalhat/

Brazil /braziuvor/
Capital: Brasilia /brazilia/
Largest city: São Paolo /saung-paulu/
Languages: Portugues /pohtugesh/

São Tomé and Príncipe /saung-tomee zhu prinsipe/
Capital and largest city: São Tomé /saung-tomee/
Languages: (Bantu, which one[s]?), Portuguese /pohtugesh/

Gabon /gabonvor/
Capital and largest city: Libreville /librevil/
Languages: Fang /fanglhat/, French /frangselhat/

Republic of Congo /moki konggovor/
Capital and largest city: Brazzaville /brazavil/
Languages: Kikongo /kikonggo/, Bateke /bateke/, Lingala /linggala/, French

Democratic Republic of Congo /niilhi konggovor/
Capital and largest city: Kinshasa /kinshasa/
Languages: Tshiluba /tsiluba/, Mongo /monggolhat/, Kikongo /kikonggo/,
Kingwana /kinggvana/, Zande /zandelhat/, Lingala /lingala/, Swahili
/kisvahili/, French /frangselhat/

Uganda /uganda/
Capital and largest city: Kampala /kampala/
Languages: Luganda /luganda/, Acholi /atsoli/, Teso /tesolhat/, Nyoro
/njorolhat/, Soga /sogalhat/, Nkole /ngkolelhat/, English /ingglalhat/,
Swahili /kisvahili/

Kenya /kenjavor/
Capital and largest city: Nairobi /nairobi/
Second largest city: Mombasa /mombasa/
Languages: Kikuyu /kikuju/, Luo /luolhat/, Kavirondo /kavirondo/, Kamba
/kambalhat/, Swahili /kisvahili/, English /ingglalhat/

Somalia /somalivor/
Capital and largest city: Mogadishu /mogadishu/
Languages: Somali /somali/, Arabic /arabilhat/, Italian /italialhat/,
English /ingglalhat/

Indonesia /indonesia/
Capital and largest city: Jakarta /dzakarta/
Second largest city: Surabaya /surabaja/
Languages: Bahasa Indonesia /indonesialhat/, Indonesian and Papuan
languages, English /ingglalhat/

Kiribati /kiribasi/
Capital: Tarawa /tarava/
Languages: I-Kiribati /ikiribasi/, English /ingglalhat/

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