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USAGE: Conculture Imperials, was Re: USAGE: syllables

From:Elyse Grasso <emgrasso@...>
Date:Friday, June 13, 2003, 15:43
On Friday 13 June 2003 02:51 am, Andreas Johansson wrote:

> > -- > > The Imperials are decadent, 300 pound John Cowan > > <jcowan@...> > > free-range chickens (except they have > > teeth, arms instead of wings and > > dinosaurlike tails). --Elyse Grasso > > Sounds these folks could easier be described as resembling chubby
> Or do they come complete with fuzzy chickenish yellow down? > > Andreas > >
The reference to free range chickens partly involves personality: chickens are a lot nastier than people realize who haven't watched them. Imperials have actual feathers. The modern urban populations are pretty boring looking, with matte feathers generally in shades of brown and tan. There are populations who retain different colorations and an original tendency toward iridescence: Ppeqapp, a former Legionaire who lives on Cherani Station, is sort of pigeon colored: shades of gray with iridescent purple display areas. Ppeqapp's name tends to be pronounced 'Fferaff' by the Shayanans, who tend to not use the frontmost and rearmost articulation points that occur in proper Imperial. He jokes that they also tend to get the vowels in his name slightly wrong, so none of the sounds in his name come out right in Jouevyaix. -- Elyse Grasso The World of Cherani Station Cherani Tradespeech


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