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Re: Sketch of Germanech 4/4: Syntax

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 12, 2001, 15:46

laokou <laokou@...> writes:
> From: "Henrik Theiling"
> > (`weil''s order is currently unstable in Modern German)
> That "weil" is unstable is an interesting new fact (perhaps by analogy with > "denn" in meaning?).
Yeah, it started in my generation I think. I consider it wrong and shudder whenever someone uses it in main clause order (as a coordination). I think it was not triggered by analogy with `denn', but by a tendency to add a pause after `weil' for further thinking, adding the next clause with main clause order. You'd write that with a comma and some dots. Then after a while people used that order even without the pause. That's how I noticed the shift. Still, as I said, main clause order after `weil' sounds ungrammatical to me. But hey, languages change. E.g. the dative -m on adjectives seems to slowly shifted to -n soon, too. Not yet, but I've seen some mistakes by L1 German speakers.
> so it's doubtful my Lnot1 German will ever be > thus "polluted" ;-) ("weil" definitely triggers SOV for me).
Yeah! Righty so! I like that. :-)
> Rechtscheibreformen be damned!
True. :-) It was created by a bunch of people who found a bad compromise.
> Vive le ess-tset!
Right! :-)
> Fraktur RULES, man!
Looks very nice, yes. Especially for blackmailing. :-)))) Re-introduce the ending-s. Well, I like old German scripts a lot (S


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