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Re: A perfect day for introducing myself

From:Paul Bennett <paulnkathy@...>
Date:Sunday, February 6, 2000, 4:50
On 5 Feb 00, at 19:48, nicole perrin wrote:

> Paul Bennett wrote: > > > > Kim is a perfectly valid, if rare, UK male forename, AFAICT. My local TV > > station had a male news anchor called (ISTR) Kim Riley, and nobody batted > > an eyelid at it. There are certainly others, but I can't bring any other > > examples imediately to mind. Might it be (Old) Celtic in origin? I don't > > have my name-etymology book to hand. > > > Yes, my father was born in England, where he says it's perfectly normal > for a boy/man to be named Kim. In America, however, it's not so normal > at all... I'm not sure of the etymology....wait, here's the book, it > says it's from Old English, meaning "one who rules; a chief." We also > have a form from Old Welsh, "Kimball," meaning "a warrior chief who is > both bold and noble." >
Interesting, is that related to the Scots name Campbell by any chance? --- Pb