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Betreft: Anyone know Cherokee?

From:Rob Nierse <rnierse@...>
Date:Thursday, January 27, 2000, 7:57
It is Lakhota, not Cherokee.
I'm not good in Lakhota and I have no dictionary,
but I recognise a couple of things:

- ki [ki~] is a definitive topic marker and can be used on verbs.
It comes after the noun or verb. When 'le' is used in combination
with 'ki' (as in the last sentence) it means 'this'.
- Kte (what precedes ki) is a particle that indicates future, I think.
- Wan is an indefinite topic marker. Also follows noun/verb.
- Wicasa [wicaSa] means 'man'?.
- Winyan [wi~ya~] means 'woman'?I
- I recognise a couple of verbs: when you see -pi, you know you have
a plural marker, but I don't know what ki- is. Maybe part of the stem
(-ci- is an infix) but I don't know what person.
One time the prefixes are added to the stem (kiciyazapi), other times not
(ki ci hilapi). The -ci- is 1st->2nd person. So he says 'I ... y'all'.

But as I said, I have no dictionary, so I don't know what he says really.
Maybe someone else can shine a light on it?


>>> Barry Garcia <Barry_Garcia@...> 01/27 7:29 >>>
I am a member of a message board, and in this annoying posters last post he put up a paragraph of what he says is Cherokee (he then called the same stuff Lakhota, but then again I take whatever he says worth a grain of salt). Anyway i'm curious, and would like to know. Anyone want to give it a swing ? Olowan wan ahiyayin kte ki le wico oyake wan aikoyake. Ho, yakan Wicasa na winyan etan waste kicilakapi nahan te ki ci hilapi hantans kiciyazapi. Ho, hetan wico icage ki le u. He un Olowan ki le Wiwang Wacipi el sna ahiyapi. Nahan wico oyake ki le oyakapelo. Anyway that's just a fraction of what he wrote. He also left this goodbye phrase; Makakijelo. Mitakuye ob wani ktelo! Epelo! Anyway, i am wondering if this is what he says it is. Thanks, Barry ________________________________________________ It's worth the risk of burning, to have a second chance...