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OT: Dollars and Cents(was the euro & 01.01.02)

From:wayne chevrier <wachevrier@...>
Date:Saturday, December 22, 2001, 19:06
John Cowan nevesht:
> >Which were (and are, in the case of the cent) copper. The other coins are >copper-nickel alloy, with the outer surfaces having enough nickel to >look silver; the dollar coin has some kind of veneer (brass?) that makes >it look gold. > >Canadian coins look essentially the same, but with different markings >on the faces, of course. Nickel is ferromagnetic, and in the 60s >(perhaps still?) one could tell a Canadian nickel from a U.S. one >because the former, but not the latter, would stick to a permanent >magnet.
Today, new coins are made of nickel plated steel, the loonie of bronze plated ("aureate") nickel, the toonie(2$) is bimettalic(aluminum-bronze core nickel ring, and the penny of copper clad steel. In the USA coins are coppernickel clad copper,the penny copperclad zinc
> > > were silver, everything above was gold. I'm not sure if there were > > There's also the "bit", 1/8 dollar (i.e., > > 12.5 cents), but I don't think there was ever an actual US coin for > > that, altho it was the exact equivalent of the Spanish real. > >I think not, but it used to be common to price articles at 1 bit, >meaning you could pay for them with a dime and receive no change, >or with a quarter and receive a dime in change -- it balances out. >I remember being a child in the early 60s and not knowing what >"two bits" (a quarter) meant.
It wasnt uncommon to distinguish short bits(10c) from long bits(15c) Tristan Alexander McLeay nevesht:
> >From the people, of course! > >What we have now are: > >1c penny, cent >5c nickel, five cent piece >10c dime, ten cent piece >25c quarter, twentyfive cent piece, two bits >50c half, fifty cent piece, four bits >$1 dollar, brass buck, S.B. Agony, SBA, Ike, silver dollar >
In Canada, 1c penny,sou,1 cent piece 5c nickel,cinq-sou,5 cent piece 10c dime, 10 cent piece 25c quarter, 25 cent piece 50c (rare) 50 cent piece 1$ loonie, piasse/piastre, one dollar coin 2$ toonie/twonie, un polar, two dollar coin and in humour: doubloon, american dollar, two bits(early ones occasionally broke in two)
>We have had: > >half cents, two cent pieces, three cent pieces (aka trimes >and "nickels"), half dimes, 20c pieces (double dimes), >$2.50 gold pieces (quarter eagles), $5 (half eagles), $10 >(eagles), $20 (double eagles). Someone proposed a $50 and >$100 (half union, and union) in the 19th century; another >proposal was the $4 piece (stella).
Actually, stellas were minted and saw some circulation.
Padraic Brown nevesht>
>Am 21.12.01, Matthew Kehrt yscrifef: > > > I seem to be the only one in the world in favor of keeping pennies. It > > seems silly to have the smallest coin be worth 5 units and have all > > other denominations multiples of this. > >I wouldn't mind getting rid of the nickel either. It's just about >as worthless and equally a nuisance. > > > It would make more sense to > > redefine the value of pennies to be five times their face value and work > > up from there. (Easier said than done, of course.) > >Well, yes. A complete revaluation of the currency would work. >It's not that hard - just about every country in the world has >done it; many have done it lots of times. Our current sutiation >really doesn't warrant such a move though! >
Well, since there has been a devaluation of about 20:1 since c1920 revalue the dollar by 25:1, and get rid of the 1c, 5c, and 10c :) -Wayne Chevrier _________________________________________________________________ Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer at


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