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From:Matthew Kehrt <matrix14@...>
Date:Saturday, December 22, 2001, 20:51
Due to the recent discussion on the names and values of various
currencies, I was wondering about the currencies of your various
concultures.  I'm especially interested in the etymologies of their
various names.
The Mererail have two major units of currency.  The primary one is the
Crest ('cuaiim' /kwai.Im/ pl. 'cuaiimui' /kwai.I.mwi/ literally a symbol
or emblem.) from the fact that they are normally stamped with the seal
or emblem of the ruling family.  The value of the cuaiim is far from
fixed, but is generally considered to be the value of a piece of capper
one twentieth the volume of a man's fist.  The coins are normally made
out of copper, but sometimes they are made out of gold or silver, which
means that the value of the coin changes with the relative price of
those metals.  The Cuaiim is is divided into twenty Minutes ('selon'
/sEl.on/ pl. 'selonui' /sEl.o.nwi/ related to 'sil', meaning small or
little.)  These are made of copper or silver.


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