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death of Dr. James Cooke Brown, inventor of Loglan

From:Bob LeChevalier-Logical Language Group <lojbab@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 16:52
Since no one from The Loglan Institute (TLI) has posted:

Dr. James Cooke Brown, inventor of Loglan, died Sunday while on a cruise
around South America; he was 78.  While the split between TLI's version of
Loglan and Lojban had seemingly put JCB and myself on opposite sides of a
wall, I had the greatest respect for the man and his commitment to his
language; he will be missed.

Alex Leith has assumed the role of acting President and CEO of TLI, and his
filling that role permanently was announced by JCB before his death.  Alex
has expressed interest to me in exploring some sort of rapprochement that
would heal the split between the Loglan and Lojban communities, though it
is unclear what his ideas towards these ends are.  In my opinion,
rapprochement would be the best way to ensure JCB's legacy, which is the
language and language project that he started.

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