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Some examples

From:John Fisher <john@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 23:34
Hi folks--

As things seem a bit quite round here, here are some example sentences
from the Elet Anta vocabulary - I did this before, some time ago.  These
are for words which start with "p".  Anyone want to try some of them?

Trakwa enye paarashut do la ucarf:
  Unfortunately, his/her parachute did not open out
Anot tanatwa en elar pana!:
  The whole day s/he has played scales!
At-tanlir panac culayswa:
  These birds mate in the spring.
In cos panac miupafa:
  I breed rabbits
Buayare panac cesfu avisa as-sarfalwa:
  The bull has covered 15 cows this year
En panishwa tanlin:
  S/he sings in tune
Ovod anotwa clag parady' evarnaswa:
  The road was completely blocked with stationary traffic
In parant etlaw ya, ant Carc Edinonve foriswa:
  I agree with you that we should go to Edinburgh tomorrow
Ombaria parant anfalsuma yotraw den:
  The meeting passed the motion, nem con
Parcwa apard, zenia tica:
  Art is long-lasting, life is brief
In pareli anty' ostayena ivarfanonvaw cubantye:
  I observed our neighbour digging in the garden
Do yencwa sof pariam ivaw, la fon zeniara arvasifraw:
  No one loves more than this: s/he gives up life for a friend
En ande parthayn entesuma murpanye:
  S/he is still grieving for the death of his/her parents
Past ur plectuyen!:
  You goddam fool!
In vas pastash ena:
  I swore a lot at him/her
In melen pavan:
  I live in the west
In melen pavanye combadonvaw:
  I live in a western town
Brufa pavano:
  The wind comes from the West
Pritana tena pelafga:
  The British people don't invest much
In pelafga inye fulcufasa ilaw, zalath colota:
  I invested my savings in buying a house
In menel pelpeth alyisa:
  I can taste garlic
Ur cos pelpeth ina ayliwa:
  It tastes of garlic to me
Palye ta-faro peltwa clic en uraysa:
  Using balls of paper, s/he lit the fire.
In penna tomot:
  I myself will answer
Penna enye car pe sakt:
  His own car was stolen
En pennaye iny' arvaw:
  S/he is my personal friend
Amil, ifel sof pennasuma paloclaw lof:
  Please sign the document here, sir
Melasye menelis ivar perenicrow clofayacye:
  Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun
Tucorde persenti Engela:
  up to 40% of the English people
En raktwa brol piresta miupaflaw:
  S/he quickly skinned the rabbit
In plant etesniw tuyscwe lirana:
  I borrowed 60 pounds from you
In cos plent ena plecetonvew:
  I lay him/her down on the bed
Cariu plev:
  The room was gloomy
En plevyen, clasc i, malci ya, eninu:
  S/he's a gloomy person, it's hard to enjoy being with him/her
Enye cafransur vas zenswa polic:
  His/her paintings are very original
Falonsu Caralilaw cos polic ina electye caar:
  Speaking to Carali gave me the idea of an electric car
In cos polmien buara lac tanatwa:
  I milked the cows every day
En vas potar sendiwa:
  S/he moves a lot when sleeping
Andac do potar:
  The clock isn't working, has stopped [work]
Et prac lyusuma?:
  You work at what? What's your job?
Andel falon pracyenlaw!:
  Don't talk to someone who's working
In do malci inye pracsuma:
  I don't enjoy my job
Pe falon ya, shirithwa celerth pracsavaw:
  It it said that one benefits spiritually from work
In menel shenisw' irut inye pracfanonvew:
  I can easily walk to my place of work
Antye pracas vas cacret:
  Our workforce is very annoyed
Pracsuftayas torvasye telva tsafosusnye:
  Unemployment is an important topic in the election
Branggelafgaw eny' ado do pranath:
  After the accident his hand was not sensitive, could not feel
In pranath ya, enye pirest hiri:
  I felt that his/her skin wascold
En cos prant inye cara:
  S/he broke/wrecked my car
In cos prant oroshta:
  I spoilt the soup
Andel foruc reshta, la cawl prant:
  Don't eat the meat, it's turned bad
Inye car yin prant:
  My car broke down
Ini ali hora eplayt, yafgaw trampi prantsuma milorlay:
  We looked for two hours, after which we found a fault inside the
In anot tanatwa prash:
  I've been cooking for the whole day
En torvawa menel prash dulvara:
  S/he can cook bread very well
Orosht tena chon pe prash aconvaw:
  The soup was cooking slightly on the stove
En prashyf ina prenayallaw dalfanye crescfanonvay:
  S/he appointed me as a teacher in the local school
In precti ya, cresc ya, falon Engelwa:
  I intend to learn how to speak English
En pref ena plectuyenlaw:
  I treat him/her like a fool, I regard him/her as a fool
Enye prefsu sharfaa emfusnas:
  His/er attitude towards black people is shameful
En prena icrayallaw:
  I teach foreigners
En prena inlaw prashpara:
  S/he taught me cooking
En prena inlaw ya, ranel cara:
  S/he taught me how to drive a car
En layta pretay' elentanwa:
  S/he will come next Monday
En anapt, meti lyen menel shafra ya, pretayu col?:
  S/he succeeded, but who knows what will happen in the next case?
En lac ivrianwa psorci:
  S/he gambles every Saturday
In psorci bratha ali lirawa, yawra tuala:
  I bet two pounds on a horse, and won twenty
In psorci ya, Pracye Parti yawra tsafosuma:
  I bet that the Labour Party would win the election
Bom puraash lendwanvaw combadye:
  A bomb exploded in the middle of the town
Safaryam puraash, yarkaw inye lac cyelsur yin irutfanolge:
  The bag burst, so all my acquisitions fell down onto the pavement
En puruf sisheltha tena yorgaw, layta polis:
  S/he hid the jewel shortly before the police arrived
Nuvsawa in pustas batanonvaw, elath tomp:
  In the darkness I tripped on a stool and almost fell over.
Batan cos pustas ina:
  The stool tripped me up

John Fisher