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Re: Weekly Vocab 30

From:Mike Ellis <nihilsum@...>
Date:Thursday, December 11, 2003, 22:42
Better late than never. / Somui dla muc'orod aiyan.

Christopher Wright wrote:

>1. friend (can't believe I hadn't used this!)
druz' (transparent rip or what)
>A good friend is often a source of strife.
Aya druz' knas'tem sekelza c'ara c'e. good friend often strife-GEN source be:3SG
>2. to take
>For instance, my friend once took all my pens.
Ökruk aze, his'om yai druz' yai yöcuin paiyem torios'. (idiomatic) , once my friend my pens-ACC all took-3SG:PAST
>3. to tell
>She didn't even tell me.
Yant mu radais' bile. me:DAT NEG tell-3SG:PAST even
>4. to want
>I wanted a pen and I didn't have one.
Yöcun hos'aim po dira mu anas'e. pen-ACC want-1SG:PAST and/but any-GEN NEG exist-3SG:PAST
>5. to buy
>I had to buy a new pen and ink.
Ac'ar yöcun ki smintan küpek fadiom. new pen-ACC and ink-ACC buy-INF must-1SG:PAST
>6. to end
wovarak unkonzak (ji)tomak terminak (!)
>But a good friendship can't end that easily.
Dire aya druz'ad ebie s'aasie jitomak mu res'. but good friendship that-ADV easy-ADV end-INF NEG can-3SG
>7. not
mu, mi (negation) deg'ek (to not-be)
>At least she's not a[n a]theist or [an/mon/dy]archist or a
[revolutionary/conservative].* Zarec' bile [X] li [Y] li [Z] deg'e. (idiomatic ..) [X] or [Y] or [Z] not:be:3SG For [X]: theist - Yadnok, dunc'anok, Yadakas, Yadsevnok atheist - bizyadec', buzdunc'ac', Yadörec' For [Y]: anarchist - bizrekzakas, rekzakarz (anti-government), bizs'uzakas, s'uzakarz (anti-monarchy) monarchist - s'uzakas dyarchist - laks'uzakas (unheard-of) For [Z]: revolutionary - vastunok conservative - sköfakas (though the whole left/right thing doesn't work the same *there*)
>8. to support
zöterak diz'nan kudak
>But then, I'd support her no matter what.
Duba bile mitale tan zöterom. that_case even regardless her:ACC support-1SG:HYP
>9. definition
>That is the definition of "friend".
"Druz'" tai imic'na er c'e. "Friend" its definition that be:3SG
>10. both
lak yez (= "we two")
>We'd both do the same.
Lak yez datuie heromu. two we same-ADV do-1PL:HYP
>*I'm so controversial this week.
Nah, not really.
Rong. M