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CHAT: (OffTopic) false tooth <was Re: CHAT: Excessive alliteration>

From:Jonathan Chang <zhang2323@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 30, 2000, 14:58
In a message dated 2000/05/30 01:21:33 PM, Padraic wrote:

>I dearly wish I had kept the email now! A couple of years ago, a >friend sent me an article about a Roman era false tooth found in >a soldier in Gaul. It was apparently quite well shaped, made of >iron, and shoved into the poor fellow's empty tooth socket with >a rod. One can only imagine the quantities of alchohol imbibed >before taking on such an operation! The operation itself didn't >kill the fellow, since the bone had ample time to grow around >the prosthesis. I suppose them rich Senators could afford some- >thing more denturelike and rather less instrument-of-torture- >like. Either that or they were really into pain. >
Reminds me of my tooth. I was in a motorcycle accident several years ago in which the tooth next to my canine was knocked out. A friend, ex-Army Ranger, was with me. I washed off my tooth & jammed it back into the socket. Hard. My friend flipped out at what I did- cringing & shaking, he slapped me on my head repeatedly & screamed at me: "Don't do THAT!" (I was freaking out myself; he had mangled his foot trying to keep the motorcycle from injurying us as we fishtailed down a hilly road in San Francisco). I still have the tooth in place. A dentist said I saved the tooth by my quick action. Hurt like crazy. zHANg