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Re: Post Limit

From:John Cowan <cowan@...>
Date:Sunday, February 15, 2004, 1:07
John L. Leland scripsit:

> I wonder if it would be feasible to work on a 35 posts/week basis > instead of a 5/day basis? The overall quantity should remain the same, > but there would be more flexibility in the schedule. This may not be > feasible--I do not know whether the system only works on a per day > basis--but I would be interested in the option if it exists.
So would I, but it doesn't. And yes, it is the Listserv software that Brown University runs (and which we use for free) that is inflexible in this respect. John Cowan, Lord of the Instrumentality of Conlang. -- "How they ever reached any conclusion at all> is starkly unknowable to the human mind." --"Backstage Lensman", Randall Garrett