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non-English WEB sites (was Re: Has anyone made areal conlang?)

From:Eamon Graham <robertg@...>
Date:Saturday, April 26, 2003, 15:23
Sorry guys, I think this will get sent twice, but I had a problem
when Iw as trying to paste the link to  Eamon

> Iain Davis wrote: > > > The only > > > published descriptive work on Chemehuevi is a short > > > grammatical sketch and lexicon by Margaret Press published by > > > the University of California Publications in Linguistics > > > series in 1980. It covers the phonology in 20 pages, syntax > > > in the next 100. The lexicon contains barely 1000 items, and > > > there are no texts. So there is still plenty of work to be done. > > > > Hmm. I wonder how difficult it would be to get a copy of that work.
I have good news. You can get it for US$28.12 at Cheers, Eamon ____________________________________________________ Robert Eamon Graham Anugraha banana shundarata dengan bisri bastu-bastu. -- U2, "Grace"