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Tshirt Refunds, and other stuff

From:nicole perrin <nicole.eap@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 23, 2001, 21:54
Strangely, I did not receive any response to my message of last week
regarding refunds, but whatever...

Anyone (financially) involved in the tshirt project should email me
privately at (thats nicole.eap "at" for all
you egroups users) with a preferred payment method (personal check,
paypal, money order (or cash, for that matter, but why would anyone want
that, really?)), an address to send payment to (or with paypal an email
address and name) and the amount of refund due according to your own
records (that's at a refund of 75% or so, and if you each send me your
projected refund we can catch any discrepancies right away).  As soon as
I receive everyone's individual info I'll refund your money, and send
you all an email as soon as it goes out.  Please remember to keep this
all off-list, okay?  Thanks.

Also, some other news:
I'm graduating high school next month (the 14th, hooray!), very exciting
indeed.  And I've been really busy lately, so I didn't get to tell you
all that I got into (almost) all the colleges I applied to, and that I'm
going to McGill University in the fall to study...linguistics!  (gee,
what a surprise, huh?)  Although I've been too busy to be an active list
member, I haven't been to busy for conlanging and promise that within a
month I'll be posting some new and (perhaps?) interesting stuff to my
webpage.  Including the graphics from the tshirt, so everyone can
download them.  And of course, I'd like to congratulate Yoon Ha Lee on
her engagement!

That's about all for now I suppose...



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