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Some commandments in Kash (was: 10 commandments)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Friday, March 21, 2003, 16:24
Difficult for a variety of reasons.  The Kash view is that Creation/The
Creator takes no interest in the petty problems of humans, does not control
them, is not offended by them, etc.  There are, however, plenty of spirits
in the natural world, who are believed to affect their lives and behavior,
and can be offended.  But as their world has advanced technologically,
attention to the spirits is declining.  Craftsmen still honor the spirits of
the materials they work with; sailors and farmers honor the Sea- and
Earth-spirits respectively; but who should a banker worship? who should a
bus-driver honor?

1. "Do not have any other gods but me."
çuraka e parañahane
respect/honor-imp. (def) honorific-Creation-dative

(2. "Do not make an idol." Does not apply.  Those who have a spirit to honor
carry an amulet of some sort)

3. "Do not misuse the name of the LORD your god."
Yanda kales/kala çehamayeti
Do-not insult/offend spirit-dat.-your

4. "Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy."
Nimbukra leroçi olamaçi çehamayiti
Remember the days (and) ceremonies of your spirit

The following are considered part of "angayi leleñ" 'good/ethical life';
they are socially, not religiously, ordained.

5. "Honour your father and mother."
çuraka inde-amayeti yuno pakrakaveleti
Give respect mother-father-dat.-your (and) all your ancestors
(par-   redup-have- la-e-ti  (hakave < have 'family')
honorif-(ancestor)- pl-dat-2poss.-- pronounced with secondary accents on pa,
ka, main stress on le)

6. "Do not kill"
Yanda pakran kaçin liya
Do not kill-violently person-acc. other

7. "Do not commit adultery."
Yanda nanjul kanjetre kaçi liya
Do not steal spouse person-gen. other. (Would probably be subsumed under the

8. "Do not steal."
Yanda nanjul

9. "Do not bear false witness against your neighbour"
Yanda hengut ...or: yanda kota trakundriç
Do not lie   ...or:  do not speak untruths

10. "Do not envy."
Yanda karenja
(kar 'pejor.pfx'. + renja 'strongly desire/want')


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