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Re: 10 commandments in Ikanirae Seru

From:Mike Ellis <nihilsum@...>
Date:Thursday, March 20, 2003, 23:38
Me too!

Rheavam as'on emiri
Then ten commandments in Rhean

Ya egva k'okec' dunc'i lok'em mu anc'az
me besides other gods you-INST NEG exist-3PL.IMP
"Do not have any other gods but me."  (See note below!)
Yemc'ik mu sacya.
idol(-ACC) NEG make-2.IMP
"Do not make an idol."
Lei dunc'a e YAD tai menan mu dunmas'ye.
your god APPOS God his name-ACC NEG abuse-2.IMP
"Do not misuse the name of the LORD your god."
Atvet zairinadve yeem göhözye.
sabbath remember-GER holy maintain-2.IMP
"Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy."
Kas'u ki toc'etu seref kudye.
mother-DAT and father-DAT honour(-ACC) give-2.IMP
"Honour your father and mother."
Mu kros'ya.
NEG kill-2.IMP
"Do not kill"
Mu c'edzlozye.
NEG adultery-2.IMP
"Do not commit adultery."
Mu zoriz'ye.
NEG steal-2.IMP
"Do not steal.
Karsto yarzurzu lojiec'ie mu zayav sacya.
Against neighbour-DAT false-ADV NEG testimony make-2.IMP
"Do not bear false witness against your neighbour"
Lok'em bakur mu anc'yas'.
you-INST jealousy NEG exist-3SG.IMP
"Do not envy."

Note on commandment 1:

   Rhean, like a lot of langages, has no verb which translates "to have".
Possession is expressed by saying "with X there exists Y." |Ya egva k'okec'
dunc'i lok'em mu anc'az| translates more literally as "Do not let there
exist any other gods with you except me." Now consider if someone had left
out the one word |lok'em| "with you": you'd get something like "Do not let
there exist any other gods (AT ALL!) except me," Which sounds like an order
to wipe out all other gods. An entire religious war could be started over
the omission of just one word.
   I think I will have that very thing happen at some point in Rhean



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