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exclamations violating phonology

From:Daniel Andreasson <daniel_noldo@...>
Date:Monday, July 16, 2001, 8:48
Roger Mills wrote:

>Plus, exclamations and onomatopoeic words may contain sounds that violate >phonotactics, or may not even be used in "normal" language. Of course >another æ: baa, as in sheep/goats. I've heard final [x] in "yuck", "blech".
I was just thinking of this in Swedish. We have two swearwords _fan_ and _jävlar_ (of course we have more :) which break the normal rules. They *should* be pronounced [fA:n] and [jE:vlar] since long <a> and long <ä> are always [A:] and [E:]. However, they have the "open" sounds [fa:n] and [j&:vlar], of which [a] has the short pronunciation and [&] is only found before [r].
>I'm still stuck with midwestern/Germanic/Scandinavian [ja:] "yah"-- how our >schoolmarms hated that!
It's really funny that people think that Swedish "yes" is [ja:] and not [jA:]. Perhaps this is based on the German and Minnesotan pronunciations. "Fargo" really made me laugh.
> For me,[jæ] is mainly derisory (oh yeah, right!), >or sing-along with the Beatles (cats run and hide).
She loves you [j&:: j&:: j&::] It won't be long j& - j& - j& -j& -j& -j& :) ||| daniel _________________________________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at