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Re: Conlangs on T-Shirts, etc.

From:Adam Walker <dreamertwo@...>
Date:Saturday, September 23, 2000, 1:56
I was highly inactive at the time the original war broke out.  Could we have
a recap of what gets on the T-shirt and how?  I'd love to have one too, and
I'd like to give my langs an opportunity to be represented.


>From: Kristian Jensen <kljensen@...> >Reply-To: Constructed Languages List <CONLANG@...> >To: CONLANG@LISTSERV.BROWN.EDU >Subject: Re: Conlangs on T-Shirts, etc. >Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 15:49:28 +0200 > >nicole perrin wrote: > >As a matter of fact, I was thinking about starting it up again, or at > >least finding out if everyone was still interested in the project. I > >thought it might be a good tenth anniversary project, as I think the > >general consensus a few months ago was to count next year as the tenth > >year of the list. > >Great! I'm still for it. Lets see it through this time. > >-kristian- 8)
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