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Conlangs on T-Shirts, etc.

From:callanish <callanish@...>
Date:Thursday, September 21, 2000, 17:55
Hello all,

A friend of mine just pointed a website out to me that I thought some of you
might be interested in for the fun of it. It's called Cafe Press
(, and they give you in essence a little online store which
sells T-shirts, mugs, and mousepads with your own designs on them -- you just
provide them with a graphic (GIF, JPEG, or BMP). I thought this could have
excellent fun potential for conlangers -- imagine people walking around
wearing T-shirts with slogans in dozens of conlangs, or drinking coffee or
tea (or my own preferred hot beverage, hot chocolate) out of a mug decorated
with the flag of you con-nation, or whatever.

Anyway, I thought it might be fun to check out. I'll let you know when the
Rozhendi and Cho-ba T-shirts are ready ;-)

Thomas Leigh