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Re: Syllable-time and Sailor Moon (was: Re: Blandness (was:Uusisuom's influences))

From:Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 10, 2001, 13:20
En réponse à Nik Taylor <fortytwo@...>:

> > I haven't seen the first two seasons, tho. So I had to get a summary > of > them. :-) The friend I'm borrowing the tapes from only has subbed > for > all of Series 3 and 5 and parts of 4. >
Where did he get them?! I want them, all!!!
> I tried to watch the dubbed, but couldn't - it was just too awful. > :-)
I've heard of it, it's true that they changed a lot of things, even the musics. And AFAIK, censorship was very hard on it.
> I don't know how they did it in France, but in America, they changed a > *lot* of stuff. Like, Sailors Uranus and Neptune they made into > sisters > (or maybe cousins, relatives at any rate), and changed all the names > into American names. >
In France, they did change the names into French names, but for the rest they kept things rather well. Uranus and Neptune stayed lovers for instance. But on the other hand, in the first series they made Zoizite and Kunzite into brothers, and in the 4th they made Fish Eye into a girl. Strangely enough, French adaptators seemed to be bothered by male homosexuality but not by female homosexuality...
> Plus, the people they got to do the voices for the American version > sound really annoying. :-) >
The French voices are not bad, but what is awful is that the voices changed a lot during the series (I still wonder why they couldn't keep the same interpreters all along...).
> > Hee hee. I just finished the fourth series, haven't gotten to that, > but > I've heard about it. :-) I'll probably be getting my fifth series > fix > tomorrow. :-) >
I'm jealous! :) Christophe.