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latest on my conlang, hehe (was Re: World Lingos)

From:Jonathan Chang <zhang2323@...>
Date:Monday, August 28, 2000, 20:18
Yepyep... another massive re-thinking has hit me...

Lingwa Frakas has changed to Lingua Fracta... now is Caos Linga! ::evil grin::

    Due to more thinking on the possibilities of a futuristic mutated English
I have decided to have Caos Linga in a modified Romance-style orthography
(semi-etymological) that is somewhat pidgin-like (semi-phonemic).
    The lexicon - likewise - is a mixture of Latinate English, Italian,
Spanish and various other "borrowings" (mainly slang and onomatpoeia) with
"made-up" words -
a mixture of both _a priori_ and _a posteriori_ qualities, i.e. possibly like:

    father => padre
    son =>  padee
    mother => madre
    daughter => madee
    brother => frati
    sister => mari

    juggernaut (from Sanskrit _Jagantha_) => jaganauta
    fish => fishi



<< One thing
& poets have
in common is
that they make
associations. >>
    * Jasia Reichardt
    - creative cyberneticist *

"It would be ironic if the answer to Babel
were pidgin and not Pentecost."
- George Steiner,  _After Babel:
  Aspects of Language & Translation_