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Llirine: How to creat a language

From:Cheng Zhong Su <suchengzhong@...>
Date:Sunday, December 2, 2001, 22:24
             This is the Language theory
If a language just have two phonetic types, could itld
be able to express the world? Of coures it can, for
computer just has two symbols. The different is if
some body just know two phonetic types, eg A and B, he
will express the world much slow than an English
speaker. For in English, it has 400 different phonetic
types. Suppose there are only 400 things in the world,
English speaker can use one phonetic type for each,
but the two phonetic types' speaker some times has to
use nine phonetic type to express one of the 400
things. That means every single lip movement of
English speaker is roughly equal nine lip movements of
two phonetic types' speaker. It means that with more
phonetic types, not only save labor but express
faster. Since the thinking speed is a sort of
'speaking in mind' the faster express in speech means
faster thinking speed. And as a shorter word can be
combined more flexible, it also solve the issue of too
many words to be remembered.
The Lirine has fewer vowel than English. So, by math,
every one knows it could be something like the two
soud speaker.
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