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Llirine: introduction and phonology

From:David Starner <starner@...>
Date:Sunday, December 2, 2001, 5:13
Hi. I'm new to this list, and to the actual pratice of conlanging. I'm a
student at Oklahoma State University, majoring in math and computer

Llirine is a new language I'm working on - I have scraps of orthographys
and scripts around, and even the start of a logographic language, but
it's the first that shows any indication of going any where.

Llirine is the main language of the Sherall (a species of genetically
engineered humans) of Llirine (one of their planets.) Linguistically
important is the fact that they have limited lip movement and a more
constant airflow than humans - hence they can't make plosives or
bilabial sounds. (Is that correct? I have a goal of removing those
sounds, but I don't really know what corresponding physiological changes
would go along.) Llirine is somewhat artifical, as the Sherall
consciously construct new languages when borders change or
counter-culture groups migrate.

Llirine has 15 consonants (including the click) and 4 vowels. (The
original plan had 8 more consonants, but I removed a bunch that I
couldn't pronounce.)

IPA - ASCII - Unicode orthography
 1  -   i   -    i
 @\ -   e   -    e
 7  -   a   -    a
 M  -   u   -    u

For foreign speakers, /i/-/a/-/A/-/M/ are often acceptable substitutes.

IPA - ASCII - Unicode orthography
 r` -   r   - r
 D  -   t   - eth <00F0>
 s  -   s   - s
 z  -   z   - z
 S  -   s^  - s^ <015D>
 Z  -   z^  - z^ <1E91> (j^ also seen, especially in Esperanto
                         influenced areas)
 h  -   h   - h
 h\ -   h^  - hooktop h <0266>
 K  -   ll  - belted l <026C>
 w  -   w   - w
 l  -   l   - l
 n  -   n   - n
 N  -   n^  - eta <019E> (eng also seen)
 =\ -   p   - p (I don't know if I chose the right IPA, but it's a click)
 x\ -   c   - heng with hook (x\) <0267>


Syllables are V, CV or CV{ll,n,n^,p}. Consonant clusters - s, z, s^, z^
or t followed by l, r, or n^ - may be used anywhere a consonant can be.
Llirine is not a tonal language; words tend to be medium length (6-8
characters), as Llirine is not very aggluntive.

Any comments? has this information with actual
IPA, if that helps anyone.

David Starner -, ICQ #61271672
Pointless website:
"I saw a daemon stare into my face, and an angel touch my breast; each
one softly calls my name . . . the daemon scares me less."
- "Disciple", Stuart Davis


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