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R: Re: Relay time! Beethoven's Ninth

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 8, 2000, 16:41
> >> --- Roger Mills <romilly@...> wrote: > >> > >> > Among my favorite anthems: > >> Here are my favorites, in no particular order: > > > >"Finlandia".
Sibelius's? I like it very much. BTW, my mother insists to pronounce it /si'beljus/, while I think it should be pronounced /'sibeljus/, since Finnish is first-syllable-always-to-be-stressed. Am I right?
> > Peculiarly not Finland's national anthem anyway. We have > "Vårt Land" (actually, I don't recall the Finnish name. Vårt Land is > Swedish. I guess you can guess the English name based on that.)
'Our Land', am I right?
> Estonia has the same melody, and lyrics that Finland has. (is this > "neighbours sharing national anthem" unique?)