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Re: Tr: Re: boustrophedon (was: Atlantis II)

From:D Tse <exponent@...>
Date:Friday, June 29, 2001, 23:14
>> But, in my languages, I prefer to have unrelated words for opposites. >> Like, how would you say "Well, she's not *pretty*, but she's not *ugly* >> either", if you simply used negations? >
I have a weirdo negative verb like Finnish, and you can express actual opposite of meaning and just negation of the word (not X) by either attaching a negativity prefix to the adjective and making it a verb, or just putting the adjective before the negativity verb. So ... real - prios (adjective) to (be) not real - prios rreì (verb) false, unreal - rrepprios (still an adjective) Imperative