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Script & Conlang Update

From:Christian Thalmann <cinga@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 27, 2001, 23:41
A)  Script

Since a recent thread has disclosed that many of us love creating scripts...

I've developed the script to my conlang Obrenje a priori some two months
ago.  About three weeks ago, I visited a page on Tolkien's Tengwar, and
I was both flattered and embarrassed that the two were remarkably
similar in their vowel-on-top-of-consonant structure.  We even had the
same symbol for the vowel carrier (which I called the void consonant).

However, there are clear differences in character and execution: Tengwar
is heart-warmingly beautiful, too self-similar to be well legible, and
lengthy to write.  Obrenje Script is less appealing to the senses, but
of an elegant clarity, and easy to write.

After the first contact with Tengwar, I adopted three elements from it:
1) ligatures for frequent consonant couples; 2) a sub-tilde for
gemination of consonants; and 3) the "long carrier" symbol, which I
attributed to the glottal stop (only used in loan words in Obrenje).

I now coded a Bookhand and a Calligraphy version into TrueType format.
A demo of the result can be seen under

B)  Conlang Update

I've remodeled the whole noun system of Obrenje and posted the new
version under the old adress of
<>.  It now includes quantifiers
and definiteness-expressing noun inflections.

Any comments?

-- Christian Thalmann


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