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Re: USAGE: Thorn vs Eth

From:Marcus Smith <smithma@...>
Date:Saturday, July 13, 2002, 2:56
On Sat, 13 Jul 2002, Tristan McLeay wrote:

> > Of course, it really is just as much a compound as "book-keeper" or > > "pen-knife"... both "eight" and "teen" are words in common use. > > Teen is a backformation and I doubt most people would think that > 'eighteen' was a compound of 'eight' and 'teen', at least when giving > 'teen' its currently most common definition.
To the contrary, I think some people do see the 'thirteen' through 'nineteen' words as compounds, especially given the widespread use of the word 'teens', as in "He's in his early teens". I say this because this is what I myself thought throughout much of my youth, and I'd hate to think I was the only one with such a silly idea. :) Marcus


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