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R: Re: World Lingos

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Monday, August 28, 2000, 7:33
Jonsson wrote:

> At 1:30 am -0400 27/8/00, Nik Taylor wrote: > >Mike Adams wrote: > >> But Portugese and Italian are combined with European Spanish > >> especially are basically the same lingo, just for political reasons are > >> called Languages, versus Dielects. > > > >Portuguese is pretty intelligible with Spanish, especially easy for > >Portuguese-speakers to understand Spanish, a little more difficult the > >other way around, > > Easier if it's read rather than spoken, also, methinks. The two parted > company a few centuries and are distinctive enough to consitute different > languages. > > >but Italian and Spanish are definitely distinct > >languages. > > Yes, indeed they. One might just as well say that English & Dutch are > "basically the same lingo, just for political reasons are called
> versus Dielects."
Italian is completely an independent language. Then *Italian* (not dialect) as spoken in Naples ismany times nearly completely unintellegible by a man, as me, from Lombardy. We have three levels of the speech: 1 National language (essentially Tuscanian as spoken by a Lombard - John, add this to your list) 2 Regional speeches (essentially the National Language spoken with local inflections and words - the result are independant dialects) 3 Dialects (essentially mutually unintellegible dialects that completely change every 50 miles - what y'all call languages)
> > But, Italian would > >probably remain distinct for some time. I see no likelihood of Italian > >dying out any time soon, in a few centuries, who knows? But not any > >time soon. > > Indeed, why should it? It is IMHO a very beautiful language
Thank you!
>; as a > Latinist, I can understand it, when spoken, far more readily than I can > understand Spanish.
As a Latinist you should have very little problems trying to understand Sardinian, i.e. Luca