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Re: R: Re: World Lingos

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Monday, August 28, 2000, 11:33
Nik wrote:

> Raymond Brown wrote: > > Easier if it's read rather than spoken, also, methinks. The two parted > > company a few centuries and are distinctive enough to consitute
> > languages. > > Certainly true that it's much easier read, but I've heard that most > Portuguese-speakers can understand Spanish if it's spoken slowly and > clearly.
So do Italian-speakers.
> > Indeed, why should it? It is IMHO a very beautiful language; > > Indeed, Spanish and Italian are among the prettiest languages I've > heard, IMO.
Nice to hear it!
> > My experience of French people over very, very many years convinces me
> > as long as there is a place called France and people who call themselves > > français or françaises the French language will remain. One thing I
> > most French people are proud of is their language. > > Indeed, I find it hard to imagine French dying out short of a plague > wiping out most of France. If it ever does die out, I'm sure it would > be sometime in the very distant (say, 1000+ yrs) future.
Yeah, methinks the same. There are too many speakers here around to let the language vanish even in 500 yrs.
> > Languages die very hard. Welsh not merely survives, but has now gained > > official recognition for the first time in centuries and there is no > > shortage of people who want to learn it. > > But, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of tiny languages (by tiny, I > mean communities of no more than a few hundred or thousand speakers) > dying out, hundreds wherein no children are learning them. >
Yes, right. A few hundred or thousand speakers. French has at least 100 millions speakers around the world. It's another planet! Luca