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Hiberning projects

From:Carlos Thompson <carlos_thompson@...>
Date:Friday, November 10, 2000, 0:48
Well, I have always being the kind of person that wants to create,
starts a lot of projects but fails in completing most of them.

Anyhow, with the recent discutions of conromances in Conlang, I can't
help a me-to feeling.  Well, I have some good starts for conromance
languages in Zera but most of them are actually castillian

Well, here are the list of the main projects I want to develop

The Hangkerim cuture with their main languages: Hangkerimce (native),
Kizidanoce (Hangkerimce related heavilly influenced by Spanish and
Latin), Moscha, Criollo (How 16th century Spanish would had developed
in Hangkerim country), Nyucar (How 18th century English would had
developed in Hangkerim country).

The Hangkerim history: from Proto-Andinean to Proto-Carib-Andinean to
Proto-Hangkerimid to Proto-Hembica to Classic Hembica to Old
Hangkerimian to Medieval Hangkerimian to Modern Hangkerimian (aka
Hangkerince) to the main Hangkerimce dialects.

Sketching the other Zera nations and languages.

Start a non-castillian-based conromance in Zera... probably asuming
that San Diego wasn't founded by Andalucian or Castillians but by some
other Iberic ethnia, which were then ruled by Frenchmen and finnally
invaded by Italian inmigrants... ;-)

Becoming fluent in Chleweyish and keep developing some other aspects
of Chleweiness, including getting my computer to show dates in the
Chleweyic calendar and showing system menus in Chleweyish.

Becoming fluent in Tokcir (aka NGL), and finnally presenting the math
and the (tele)communication modules.

Finding a good set for Biwa, my most recent conlang.

Starting an alien culture... or an alien-fantasy culture, living in a
planet that is not a spheroid and with a phonological system different
than our (still they use sounds).  (and of course, I want them to be
the less human possible).

Graduating, getting married, working as support engineer (9 to 5
unless client has a crisis or has programmed a midnight changing),
involving more in ways to help my country getting out of all her
problems (corruption, violence, economical crisis, unemployment...)

Well, I'm a little pretencious... aren't I.

Is there someone out there who is willing to show some ideas for the
questions above?  (wel, those on topic)

-- Carlos Th