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Re: And's Kinya (was Re: Rokbeigalmki (was Re: ONOMATOPOEIA: Check out "Cross Linguistic Phonethemes"

From:And Rosta <a.rosta@...>
Date:Saturday, April 13, 2002, 1:12
Hanuman Zhang:
> In a message dated 4/7/02 07.54.36 AM, a.rosta@NTLWORLD.COM writes: > > >I recently mentioned yin/yang when mentioning Kinya's valam/lah. > >Maybe that's what you're thinking of. > > > >--And. > > Aaahhh... I guess peeps can kinda guess 2 of my Emerging Favourite > ConLangs are: Rokbeigalmki andKinya (added to my other favs: Tunu, Kelen, ... > ah, blimey I can't recall Christophe's RomanceConLang's name right off the > top o' me head... well, I like all of CG's stuff... & Herman "Teamouse" > Miller's ConLangs, too, (esp'ly Ludeiro) & Dirkmeister's Tepa, of course... > hehe, and Teresh's Borg [Christophe & I have been discussing a more > Borg-ish-than-Borg-language off-list...] )
Since I haven't noticed anyone point this out, let me note that I am not the author of Kinya; I am merely his admirer. (My own conlang remains unpublished, so is difficult to become a fan of.) --And.