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Basic English

From:abrigon <abrigon@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 14, 1999, 4:19
Yes, but can't some compromise be done, to use English roots?


Date:    Mon, 13 Dec 1999 12:33:59 +0100
From:    "Grandsire, C.A." <grandsir@...>
Subject: Re: Simple English

abrigon wrote:
> > Anyone have any ideas how many words in English do you really need > versus words created for specific things, namely those from
> but basically a core group of words. Also idea to set up the basic > spelling of those words and then design a simplified grammer for them?
Wasn't that the purpose of Basic English? IIIRC, it is a subset of 800 roots from English and a regularized grammar. And IIRC again, its main flaw was to replace words (like to succeed) by expressions (here 'to make good') that you had to learn separately anyway as there was no obvious connections between the meaning of the expression and the meaning of its elements. Am I right? __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Thousands of Stores. Millions of Products. All in one place. Yahoo! Shopping: