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From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Friday, September 15, 2000, 16:36
Nik wrote:

> Mangiat wrote: > > but my surname is typically Friulan (stressed on the last syllable, > > obviously - /man'dZat/). > > Isn't there a verb _mangiare_, or something like that, meaning "to > eat"? So, would Mangiat mean "Eaten"? I'm sure I'm way off, but that's > what jumps out when I see your name. :-) >
Yes, the verb 'mangiare' in Italian means 'to eat'. But my surname is not Italian. It is a bad transcription grandpa's surname when he came to live here in Lombardy. His originally surname was 'Mungiat', which, in a remote dialect of spoken in the mountains of Western Friuli (i.e. my Friulian dictionary gives it as Molgidor > dissinmilation > Mongiador > drop of the last syllablecharacteristic of the peculiar dialect > Mongiat -ending consonants are many times unvoiced in Northern Italian dialects) means 'milker, milkman'. Anyway, Lombard for 'eaten' is 'mangiaa' /man'dZa:/ (being 'to eat' 'mangià' /man'dZa/). Luca