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Re: OT: NATLANG: Romanian orthography question

From:Richard Wordingham <richard.wordingham@...>
Date:Sunday, February 1, 2004, 23:24
--- In, Roger Mills <romilly@E...> wrote:

> There has been frequent discussion on Cybalist of the Latin > Rom.
> change rules for some time (and often repeated, since the
recipient-- a
> native speaker!-- seems to have no idea how his language
developed :-(( ).
> There may even be a summary of the rules (by Miguel Carrasquer
> posted in the Files section of the Cybalist yahoogroup site.
I don't think so. The only collection on the web I know of is my encoding for Mark Rosenfelder's Sound Change Applier (at ). It cross-references his significant postings on the rules. You can either read them in the rules 'textarea' (difficult) or just 'view source' (easier). If you should want to download the rules, save it from the 'view, source' - IE 6.0 mangles the sound change rules if you use 'file, save as'. Data (ie. sound change ruels and specimen words) and (Javascript) code and boilerplate will be separated into two separate files in the next update, and I am considering including a list of outstanding issues. The ordering of the rules makes a big difference, and I know that the current order is not quite right. Richard.