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Re: R: Re: German Dialectology was: Re: Tsuhon: tentative phonology

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Sunday, April 29, 2001, 11:59
Take a look at this site, if you can find something...


> Hi! > > Frank George Valoczy <valoczy@...> writes: > > A question I guess mainly directed to Henrik: > > > > Is there anywhere where I can get a mapping of soundchanges > > (? differences?) from Standard High German to Austrian? > > Hmm, I don't know a source from my head, but I see something in front > of me internal eye that I once read where sound changes for southern > German dialects where shown. But I forgot where it was/is. Because > I'm not used to Austrian too much, I think anything I could produce > from my head would be non-complete, overly generalised, and wrong. > > > > On a broader scale I think it would be interesting to look at a > > comparative chart of the differences between the German dialects. > > It was something like that what I saw for southern German dialects > including Bavarian, but unfortunately, I've forgotten the source. :-( > > > > cant remember the url now...) and am curious as to whether any of the > > dialects have besides Bayrisch has as standardised an orthography as > > that; > > No, because it is different from village to village. I actually don't > know what Bavarian orthography is based on, since I think there is > also not only one dialect. > > > > I've seen Saechsisch written dialectally too, but didn't look very > > any rate does anyone write in their dialect like they > > did in Luxembourg before the introduction of the standardised > > Letzebuergesch orthography? > > Yes, no standards. > > E.g. the dialect my grandmother spoke (unfortunately moribund now I > would think: I'm one of the few of my generation that still understand > it, but I cannot speak it), is very different from what is spoken 5km > away. > > My grandma: Kuier mol wuier Platt. > [kUIj6 mO:l vUIj6 plat] > > 5km away: Küör mol wedder Platt. > [ky96 mO:l wEd6 plat] > > `Speak Lower German (the name of the language: Platt) again!' > > (In X-Sampa. And yes, [y96] is truely the triphthong(?)...) > > The orthography is kind of made up and not really stable. Others > would do it differently. > > It's a pity that this language goes the sad way of many others. It > has/(had) an extraordinary amount of diphthongs. > > **Henrik