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Re: OT: reality (wasRe: Atlantean) & Re: Some questions

From:Vladimir Vysotsky <trivee@...>
Date:Sunday, January 18, 2004, 5:06
John Cowan wrote:
> Mark J. Reed scripsit: >>>Original line from _The Warrior's Apprentice_ by Lois McMaster Bujold: >>>"Only on Barrayar would pulling a loaded needler start a stampede toward one." >>>English-to-Russian-to-English mangling thereof: "Only on Barrayar you risk to >>>lose support instead of finding it when you threat with the charged weapon."
>> > Well, it's been translated back to English more or less casually; the > Russian is probably at least grammatical, which the English isn't.
Modern Russian translations of foreign SF&F tend to be quite sloppy, unless done by ethusiasts. Compare "the AST translation" (AST being a big Russian publisher) at : "Только на Барраяре, пригрозив заряженным оружием, ты рискуешь потерять поддержку, а не обрести ее [...]" and the "corrected translation" at : "Только на Барраяре, [...] стоит тебе достать заряженный игольник - и люди толпой кидаются _на_ тебя, а не в стороны." For those who don't understand Russian - the second variant is a pretty accurate rendition of the English original. Vlad