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OT: OT (TECH): Old media revisited (< OT: TV (was: OT: Dvorak))

Date:Wednesday, July 30, 2008, 14:27
> [] On Behalf Of Lars Finsen
> At least you held out for longer than most, which can be
> Myself I was perhaps a TV addict when I was a kid. I remember
> very unpleasant when I was dragged away from my favourite TV
> ("The Monkees") to go sailing in the Oslo Fjord with a family
> who had invited us. But now I have a time-consuming job, a
> consuming house and garden, and time-consuming hobbies, like > conlanging, so I don't watch much. I still have a couple of > favourites, and I do sit down to relax from time to time. But
> best advice I think is to avoid serialised entertainment as
much as
> possible. I guess TV really is invented in order to steal
> time away from them.
I too was part of the TV generation, but later became completely digusted with the quality of the programming so I avoid it like the plague now. The couple of shows I actually do find entertaining can't even be enjoyed any more because of the deplorable practice of running obnoxicons across the screen during the show. But enough of that. This was originally about Dvorak and that triggered my thoughts about another older thread. Not long ago we were discussing different types of media and preserving our works. Well, I decided to see what, if anything, I could get from some old 5.25" floppies I had left from my Apple II days. Locally, I found a working Apple IIc (with Dvorak keyboard) advertised on Craig's List. To my surprise, most of these 25+-year-old disks are still readable! To my disappointment though, I didn't find any of my old fonts, conscripts or anything language-related. A few of the floppies are CP/M formatted so I'll need to find a utility to see what's on them. Now I just need to find or build a serial cable so I can get the data from the disks onto .DSK files for my emulator. I'll be putting the computer on E-Bay when I'm finished with it. I may end up with two of them because I had a bid on another one before I found this.


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