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META: Topicality (was: Re: Naisek Pages Updated)

From:Tristan McLeay <conlang@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 30, 2008, 2:39
Jörg Rhiemeier wrote:
>>> but I find it at least much more interesting than English >>> pronunciation threads or threads about alternative keyboard >>> layouts. This is CONLANG, after all - a place to discuss >>> constructed languages. >> Again, I agree. > > Many people here seem to have completely forgotten that this > list is about conlangs! They discuss English pronunciation > and similar things without end, but *never* discuss conlangs. > People, this is still CONLANG, and not SPELLING-BEE or whatever!
The last time (IIRC) an authoritative statement was made on the topic the conclusion was that anything to do with linguistics is on-topic. This is because if you ban such things, posting dries up and then the list as a whole dries up; I have seen this happen on other lists. We are mostly well-behaved with them inasmuch as they're almost always clearly marked as what they are in the subject header. In addition, I personally don't post anything about my conlanging efforts on this list because so often the most you can expect is exactly this sort of meta-comment on what is and is not on topic --- which I view as worse than YAEPTs because of the tone of voice that accompanies them. Conlanging tends to be a solitary hobby... I do however ask language-related questions and try to answer them because this can help people in their attempts to make naturalistic conlangs. Yet these are not strictly related to conlanging. (And in case you're wondering: In addition to linguistics, I view any thread to do with writing on topic, or close enough to make little difference --- including dotless i's on Georgian roadsigns and alternative keyboard layouts. After all, many people put a lot of effort into their orthographies and cultures, and this can give people ideas about the scope of reality.) Yes, we know some people don't like YAEPTs and whatever. Obviously some people do, because they happen. Don't read them if they don't interest you. -- Tristan.


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